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100Million Healthier Lives is welcoming new members (individuals, organizations and networks) who commit to work collaboratively to support 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020. We need you!

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone committed to improving health, wellbeing and equity in a measurable way. You can join as an individual, organization or network.
  • Member types:
    • Individual: an individual or one person representing themselves or a community, group of people, neighborhood, or sector (in an expert, volunteer, or unofficial capacity).
    • Organization: an organized group of people serving a purpose or common mission, for example a business, institution, non-profit, society, or association. An organization can be represented by one or more people.
    • Network: an interconnected or interrelated group of organizations that make up a larger system that impacts people. A network can be represented by one or more people.


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